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Welcome to Tecnotec

Since 2012 we are dedicated to IT support with high customer service vocation.

We provide integral answers, making your computers work in an efficient and productive way, through personalized maintenance and repair plans. We act as a Systems Manager, preventing and solving your company's problems.

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Our philosophy

As a computer support company we have one mission in mind: to solve your computer problems before they happen, through IT maintenance subscriptions.

Our commitment is to help you boost the performance and quality of your servers through responsible, proactive and reliable IT maintenance.

To do so, we manage a free evaluation of the state of your computers and offer you a diagnosis accompanied by a proposal of steps to be taken.

Comprehensive IT solutions for your business

We take care of your computer support and provide you with a professional service at an unbeatable price. You will be able to concentrate on your business while we make sure your systems are always running efficiently.
Computer Support

IT support for your computers and servers.

Software Licenses

Legal software and audits. We are partners of Microsoft and major brands.

Cloud Backup

Your information is always protected and at your fingertips 365 days a year.

Web Hosting and Mailing

We have plans that adapt to your company's needs.

Our services

We will advise and guide you to comply with good practices in the use of your company's or SME's IT systems.
IT Consulting

Brindamos el servicio de asesoramiento y consultoría para empresas corporativas y pymes para ayudarlas al crecimiento de su sector informático. 


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We have advanced computer applications that allow us to offer you On-Line assistance in Real Time. If the incident can be solved by this procedure, it will be solved in a matter of minutes.


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Our service provides the client with all the data about the status and security of their servers in real time.


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With the unstoppable growth of information systems, companies, even small and local ones, have opened up to the whole world and are increasingly vulnerable, their data has become one of the most desired assets by cybercriminals, so protecting it is of vital importance.

Telephone and ticket support

You will have telephone support to solve any technical issue immediately. If the problem can be solved on the spot, our technicians will do so to avoid wasting time.

Support plans

Protect your equipment and your company from $190 per month.

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